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Baby Newton founded on DVD in 2002 from Baby Einstein. Use your Nintendo 3DS Camera to make the duck puppet watch the green circle bounce from Baby Newton with Oval like in YouTube Poop before duck puppet failing two times. Baby Newton is like Chicken Run. Go for the Baby Newton clown vs. the Baby Newton Crayons!


In the warning screen, Julie Clark says: "Hi, I'm Julie Clark founder of the Baby Einstein Company. For more information about our developmental programs, visit our website at Enjoy the show!"
Isaac draws the animation clown with music of: The Four Seasons Spring, 1st movement, with the clown that you're gonna see.
The title card plays the music of: The Four Seasons, Autumn, 1st movement.
The song plays I Know My Shapes by Jack Moss.
Puppet show: The dog puppet shows ball how to roll it, and a barrage of balls come bouncing right at the dog puppet.
The clown uses a purple circle shaped like a hula hoop and starts spinning.
The music plays: Concerto no 3 in G Major, RV310, 1st Movement.
The blue animation crayon swings on a rope of Tarzan style, and it fell.
Puppet show: Isaac uses a hammer to fix a frame with square.
The clown pulls a green square shaped like a jack in the box and plays: Pop Goes The Weasel.
The music plays: Concerto in G Major, RV532, 1st movement.
The red animation uses the black animation crayon to draw a black circle shaped like a hole, and they both dive into the water.
Puppet show: The duck with red scarf puppet watches to see the green circle drop and bounce. The duck puppet with red scarf tries to stretch a green circle to oval, then failing two times. The second duck with sunglasses tries to help both make a green circle to oval.
The clown uses a yellow oval shaped like a mirror, and combing the hair five times, and winks once.
The music plays: The Four Seasons, Winter, 2nd Movement.
The green animation crayon does a tap dance, which pulling himself off the screen by a cane.
Puppet show: The horse puppet hears a knock, but nobody's there. The horse hears a doorbell and he couldn't see any there. Angrily, he kept running away. They heard a knock one more time. The four puppets come along with a noisemaker, pinwheel, streamers, and sunglasses. The horse closes door and horse puppet happily running away.
The clown uses a red rectangle shaped like a songbook and plays the song: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.
The music plays: Concerto in C Major, RV537, 3rd Movement.
The wind-up blue plastic suitcase walks, then stops, then walking.
The yellow animation crayon plays tag with the orange animation crayon.
Triangle. Isaac looks at background of gold glitter. He tries to blow three times. While it didn't go away when he uses a pink fan to blow the glitter away from triangle.
The clown grabs a blue triangle shaped like a musical triangle, and plays it.
The music plays: Concerto in B Minor, RV580, 1st Movement.
The yellow animation crayon bounces on a purple pogo stick.
The boy plays shapes review with colors of yellow green purple red and blue.
The music plays again I Know My Shapes again by Jack Moss, and shape blocks kept falling down the tower.
In the end, the clown laughs, and blinks twice. In the credits, the audience cheers with applause.
In credits, the music plays: Concerto in D Major, 1st Movement.
Note: After the song plays again, the shape blocks knock down.
Nintendo 3DS Camera Stop Motion: Make the green circle bounce before duck puppet fails two times.

Characters & PersonEdit

  • Isaac The Lion
  • Pavlov The Dog
  • Quacker The Duck
  • Duckies Dad
  • Gregory The Horse
  • MacDonald The Cow
  • Benjamin The Clown


  • Circle - hula hoop
  • Square - jack in the box
  • Oval - mirror
  • Rectangle - songbook

Triangle - instrument

Animation ItemsEdit

  • crayon box with number 6 with black, blue,orange, red, green, and, yellow,
  • microphone
  • shape blocks with circle shaped like a ball, oval shaped like a squashed ball, rectangle shaped like a rectangular prism, square shaped like a block, and triangle shaped like a pyramid
  • hula hoop
  • jack in the box
  • mirror
  • songbook
  • triangle instrument
  • rope
  • hole
  • top hat
  • cane
  • pogo stick

Deleted ScenesEdit

  • Play Ball
  • Under Construction
  • Duck Friends
  • Knock, knock! Who's there?
  • Hidden Triangle

Times they didEdit

  • Duck Puppet failing for failure - [2x]
  • Clown animation combing hair - [5x]
  • Blowing without going away with glitter - [3x]